Local Colorado band finished a new album contributed by an Indiegogo project.  Hydrogen Skyline are a unique alternative pop rock band hailing from Colorado Springs, the city I happened to be born in.  Check out the band and music here http://www.hydrogenskyline.com/

I had the pleasure of seeing this band live in February with Omnium Gatherum and Exmortus, certainly an unforgettable night of death metal.  Dark Tranquility shared this today.

"Exactly twelve years ago - July 22, 2002 - the "Damage done" album was released. What are your memories from first hearing the album? Fave songs?"

Devilment, Dani Filth’s project about from Cradle of Filth, is going on Lacuna Coil’s European headlining tour  Devilment is a very eerie and heavy project from Daniel Finch featuring Dani Filth.  They have only released a set of demos, but the band has a full album “The Great & Secret Show” coming out November 3rd while on tour with Lacuna Coil and Motionless in White.  Keep your eyes out for this project, it shall be epic!

Brand new melodic track from heavy metal band Ill Nino off their new album, Till Death La Familia.  Will be a good track for radio play, because of it’s new mainstream sound.

You can preorder the Karmaflow Videogame here!  The game is a unique independent concept bringing metal, theater, and playable games into one media.  You can also buy the soundtrack featuring members of Epica, Alissa White-Gluz, Charlotte Wessels, Dani Filth, Marc Hudson from Dragonforce, and more!  Excellent to see a wide collaboration!

Another cool new deathcore band from England, like Architects UK.  Check em out on #musicmonday

1000HP, the new heavily anticipated Godsmack 6th album drops August 6th in the US.  Generation Day is a brand new grungy track with melodic tones that should please any hardcore Godsmack fan.  It contains a really chilling guitar solo, having two contrasted sides to the song; a heavy side and a softer side.  Don’t miss out on the new album!

Europe, mark your calendars and buy your tickets!  Sabaton and Delain are going on tour in January and February of 2015 together.  It shall be one of the best tours of Europe for power metal!  Two amazing live bands!

Check out this grungy female fronted rock band from Switzerland.  Some killer stuff coming from this little know band.

In August 2013, Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band Dimmu Borgir announced they were writing a new album.  They expected it to be done in late summer this year, but it’s taking a bit longer to get it organized with Silenoz other band, Insidious Disease.  Now, the album is set for next year before spring.  Quite a setback, but it’s  certainly worth the wait for a new Dimmu Borgir album!

Silenoz said: “Of course we’re always writing music for the new DIMMU album. And I have written most of the music, finished, for the next INSIDIOUS DISEASE album. So there’s a lot of stuff going on. Time flies by, and before you know it, it’s, like, four years since we released the last DIMMU album. Usually we take a couple of years between each release, but now it’s [taken longer and] two more [years have gone by]. But we haven’t rushed, really, because we’d rather take our time and make an album that we can fully appreciate and stand behind.”

Arkona released a new album on May 5th, 2014 in the US, being a highly anticipated album by folk metal fans.  The new album is a bit different for Arkona, sounding more raw and rough around the edges than earlier albums.  It’s certainly yet another epic metal journey, sending you straight to Viking times.  They know how to awe with their albums, and the new one shall not disappoint hardcore fans.

#ThrowbackThursday I give you a collection of throwback photos of the best female singers in the world! #ThrowbackThursday I give you a collection of throwback photos of the best female singers in the world!

#ThrowbackThursday I give you a collection of throwback photos of the best female singers in the world!